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Pointing the Camera at the Monitor… So thats what happens.

Posted in HV30 Footage,Video Work by Anthony on October 31st, 2009

Ok, really bored. I was in the car waiting on my wife and was going through the Canon HV30 manual and menus…when all of a sudden — I was distracted by pointing my HV30 camera at the monitor and getting this mirror effect.   So I messed around for a minute, then went back to studying the HV30 manual.

So, even though this video is essentially crap, it illustrates a cool effect that could be used constructively for something.  May look really cool in front of a 52″ screen as opposed to the 9″ one that I used.

Testing a DIY Steadycam on RollerBlades

Posted in DIY Video Projects,HV30 Footage,Steadicam Stuff,Video Work by Anthony on October 29th, 2009

Here I am testing a steadycam that I built and designed to let me sling my camera low — between ankle and knee height over the ground. This is my first day out with it, so with a little more work things should get smoother. It is much easier to keep steady when walking, but I couldn’t resist taking it out on the roller blades. Its great for low angle shots.  All footage was taken on the Canon HV30.

First After Effects Intro for CheapNYC.com

Posted in After Effects,Video Work by Anthony on October 6th, 2009

After hours of intensive work with adobe after effects, we have completed our first video introduction for CheapNYC.com!  Stay tuned and you’ll see it in action in our first series of cheap ass videos.

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