The inspiration behind the name of the site came from the influence imparted on me by my two actor friends: Thomas Eckerman and the late Joseph Wortman.  It was during a short yet truly memorable period of time in my life that we all acted together in the show “Line” in NYC.  They hardly knew me, yet took under their wings to teach me as much as they could about acting in theatre.  These two humans are living proof that not all actors are assholes, and that some are only in it for the challenge and the joy it brings.

A little about me:  I have flown jets in the past as my main profession and I have had a few other jobs since that period of time in my life ended.  The main sports I enjoy are boxing and surfing, and I don’t really follow any thing like foot ball or baseball.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science from a school in Arizona, and  just completed my MBA at Fordham University in NYC — a double major in marketing and media/communications.   I create websites and take photos for income as needed.  My hobbies are writing, photos, making music, stone carving, and building random stuff.  I have acted in theatre in longest running off-off Broadway show (mentioned above).  I have also acted in some of my crazy friend Tom’s creations.  In short, I am guy from NYC that wants to make movies, take photos, and create things that leave an impression on people.  I would like to effect positive changes, if at all possible.  The purpose of this website is to log my journey as I progress in the art of video.  For my photo sites and website portfolio, see the links on the lower right of the page titled “My Other Websites.”

Thanks for visiting.