DIY 35mm DOF Adapter for Canon HV20/HV30/HV40

Here we have my first build of a 35mm Depth of Field adapter for my Canon HV30. I used tutorials and some parts ordered from Daniel Schweinert at JetSetModels. I constructed the DOF adapter with Canon EOS tubes and purchased a Nikon adapter ring for my lenses. I plan on using my HV30 with Nikon SLR lenses, but figured it would be a good idea to make the DOF adapter compatible with both types.

When I first started researching DIY DOF adapters it seemed like rocket science to me, but after doing a lot of reading and asking poor Daniel a bunch of questions I decided to go ahead with the build. Below are photos of the DOF adapter construction process, a parts list along with cost and where I found everything, and a list of the tutorials I used from Daniels website. I will follow up with the electrical wiring part later on. Hope this clarifies the process a bit for those that were on the fence about building their own Depth of Field Adapter. My parts list below should be very complete, let me know if I overlooked something. My next DIY will be a rod and rail support with an inverted mount to hold this monster!

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Parts List for DOF Adapter — Source — Cost with Shipping – In Order of Assembly

Nikon Mounting Ring – kawaphoto on ebay – $16

EOS Macro Tubes (2) – ninca-store on ebay – $18

55-60mm Step-up Ring – JetSetModels – $30

55mm Opteka Rotateable CPF – Amazon – $23

55mm Opteka HD2 10x Macro Lens – Amazon – $45

43mm-55mm Step up Ring – Amazon – $9

Other Parts:

Canon EEa Focusing Screen – Adorama – $45 —- DO NOT Touch these, I touched my first one by accident and ruined it.

Opteka 49mm MultiCoated glass filter – Opteka – $19

VH-57x Ver 2.0 Vibrating GG holder for DOF adapters- JetSetModels – $140

MR-50 Mini Rheostat – JetSetModels – $7

Switch – JetSetModels – $3

SU 55-60 Canon Step up ring – JetSetModels – $42

Battery Box – Batteryspace – $5

Glue, Super Glue, and Phone Wire

Total Cost for completed 35mm DOF Adapter: Around $402 USD – Probably could have saved some money if I found better sources, but I was too excited to be patient.


I will get everything together in the next week or two and try to get some test footage up.

I used the following tutorials from Daniel’s website to figure everything out for my 35mm DOF build: