DIY Balanced Shoulder Mount for my Canon HV30

Here’s one of the latest pieces of equipment I’ve built.  It’s a shoulder mounted steadicam for use with my Canon HV30 camcorder.  It allows me to balance the camera on my shoulder completely hands off.   This construction was inspired by the camcorder shoulder mount design by Dynamic Motion Video.  I added a few extras for myself like handles for better control and the ability to change the mounting position of the camcorder for balance(holes drilled along the shelf bracket).  With the Canon HV30 mounted in the most forward position, it takes 4lbs of weight to balance the mount on my shoulder.  I have an additional 6lb weight that I can combine with the two smaller ones if I want to use it with my 35mm DOF adapter rig.  The only thing I need to work on is getting rid of the current rounded foam padding and figure out what kind of a square pad I can put into the assembly.  If anyone has any good ideas, send me an email…..

2 pieces of 3/4″ PVC pipe and a 45 degree elbow fitting
1 Spare power drill handle (the black rubber handle)
Hockey stick tape and JB Weld
Flat Black Spray Paint
1/4″ nuts, bolts, wing nuts, bushings, and washers
1 Rubbermaid shelf mounting bracket from home depot
1 Steel wall mount hanger bracket from local hardware store
Two 2lb, and one 6lb hand weights from Modells
Foam piping insulation and 2 zip ties

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