DIY Steadi-Cams

Posted in DIY Video Projects,Photography,Steadicam Stuff by Anthony on October 6th, 2009

These were made using the Poor Man’s Steadycam tutorial created by Johnny Chung Lee.  His design kicks ass in simplicity and functionality.  A great solution for someone who cant afford a real Steadicam.

The tubes are all 1/2″ pipe purchased at home depot.  The small one is for my HV30 mounted alone, and the large setup is for my heavier 35mm DOF adapter rig.  There is a 2.5 pound weight at the bottom of the small steadycam, and a 5 pound weight at the bottom of the large one.  I made some modifications to the tubing lengths used as follows…  Small Steadycam: 10″ top and bottom tubes, and an 8″ side tube.  Large Steadycam: 18″ bottom tube, and 10″ top and side tubes with a flange fitting and wooden mount for my inverted DOF adapter rig on top.  Finally, I wrapped them both up in black hockey stick tap so I’d have a good gripping surface and so they looked cooler.

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