Enrico Arcaro on Acoustic Guitar – “Slave Pen”

Posted in HV30 Footage,Music Videos,Pentax K-x Footage,Video Work by Anthony on October 19th, 2010

Performed and written by Enrico Arcaro. For more info see enricoarcaro.com

Audio: Rode videomic on the HV30 and the onboard mic on my pentax k-x dslr camera.  I took both tracks, mixed them for volume levels added a little reverb, eq, and dynamics settings in adobe soundbooth, and then rendered them as a stereo track to put in the video.

I imported that combined processed track into premiere and also kept the two original raw tracks from the video files.  I mixed the two raw tracks down in level, and panned one to the left and one to the right.  The main difference in the two raw tracks was that one was very percussive and clean, but lost the expression of the higher chords.  The pentax track was noisy and dirty, but caught the finer points and color of the higher pitched chords.  The combination allowed a fuller range of sound to come through.

Black and white:  In adobe premiere – I used the simple black and white converter, and then added a contrast control, and levels.  So those three gave me the texture I wanted.  Also shot at HDV24 for more film like motion.

The Pentax K-x took the closeup shot through a nikon 50mm f1.4 lens, and the HV30 took the wide angle shot through a 52mm Raynox HD6600.