Say No to GMO!

Posted in After Effects,HV30 Footage,Video Work by Anthony on October 16th, 2010

Well, I needed an excuse to blow my head off. Thanks to Video Co-Pilot for their great tutorial on how to make this magic happen in Adobe After Effects CS4. Filmed on the Canon HV30 using a Rode Videomic for sound on site, and a 52mm Raynox HD6600 lens. Voice over recorded on the Shure SM57 Mic.

My take on genetically modified foods. The long term effects of GMO’s on humans is unknown, and foods/products using such organisms could pose a health hazard to humans. This is a very complex subject and requires much scientific investigation. Many major nations other than the US do not allow GMO’s in their food supply; including the U.K and Australia. The corporatization of our food supply has caused food production to be driven by profits instead of product safety and quality. Remember, GM foods may be bad for your health.