Wiring for 35mm DOF Adapter

Well, this was the part of the 35mm DOF adapter project that I was truly dreading – small delicate wiring stuff…but, I figured that if all those other schmucks could do it, it wouldn’t be impossible. It ended up working out! I followed Daniel Schweinert’s DOF adapter wiring diagram to get it all done (see last image).

Some notes: I used a telephone cable like a lot of people do, but it was a little confusing. Telephone wires have in them not two, but four wires. Crap…. For this project you really only need two wires to bring electricity from the battery box to the DOF adapter…so what to do? I just used put the four wires into 2 pairs and treated two wires together as one. This made soldering things together a bit easier. The light wires are really easy to damage, so the final step to make the wiring more bulletproof is to go nuts with a hot glue gun…neatly though. I added hot glue to both the DOF adapter and battery box side of the connections. This serves to make it so the wiring job cannot be disturbed and it also secures the phone line to the point that I can pick up the DOF adapter or batterybox by the line without pulling any wiring out.

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